Medical Electronics Laboratories in the department contain the required equipment to conduct PG programme in Medical Electronics and both PG and UG programmes in Bio Medical Engineering and research in various areas of Medical Electronics. Medical Electronics laboratory has been well funded and established by the collaboration between Anna University and Government of Germany under GTZ programme.

The following are the major equipment available in the Medical Electronics Labs for both PG programmes and UG programme and research:

➢ National Instruments LabVIEW with Hardware.

➢ Computerised 12 channel ECG with LCD display and analyser

➢ EEG machine

➢ Multichannel wireless EEG System

➢ Multiparameter Telemetry unit

➢ Ultrasound scanner

➢ Audiometer

➢ Multiparameter simulator

➢ Electrical Safety Analyser

➢ Pacemaker with analyser

➢ DC defibrillator with analyser

➢ Surgical Diathermy with analyser

➢ Short Wave diathermy

➢ Ultrasound diathermy

➢ Data acquisition and signal processing unit

➢ Patient Monitoring system

➢ Doppler Ultrasound system for blood flow measurement

➢ EMG recorder with provision for evoked response studies

➢ Digital EEG Data Acquisition System with patient isolation

➢ Medical Stimulator

➢ Network with Nodes and Servers for Telemedicine facility

➢ National Instruments LabVIEW Research License (5 users)

➢ Video grabber card with associated imaging facilities

➢ National Instruments LabVIEW with Hardware.

➢ Agilent CRO with Function Generator

➢ Force measurement system

➢ Computer Vision System

➢ Thermal Imaging System

➢ Bluetooth based DAQ for biomedical signals over Smart phone

➢ m-health platform for wearable product development

➢ Fluorescence Imaging System

➢ Iris Recognition System

➢ FPGA Development Boards

➢ Xilinx FPGA Boards

➢ Optical and Illumination Design software and Opto-mechanical Design software

➢ Computer Vision and Imaging Software

➢ Devices for mobile communication platform

➢ Telemedicine Workstation- Healthcare setup with software

➢ 3D Doctor Software

➢ MIMICS Software

➢ MATLAB Software Version 2018a

➢ NI Compact Vision System with controller with NI Software

➢ IDL with image processing software