Evolution of Medical Electronics in the Institution

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, College of Engineering has the rare distinction of having a separate Medical Electronics laboratory from as early as 1975. Elective subjects were offered in the area of Medical Electronics in UG and PG since then.

A Post Graduate degree specializing in Medical Electronics was introduced in 1993 – the first of its kind among Indian universities and accredited with a grade “A” by the National Board of Accreditation, AICTE, India. The alumni are employed in Medical Electronics industries and hospitals both in India and abroad.

Understanding the importance of Medical Electronics in health care, various activities have been taken up at Anna University for the past decades. Now it has the infrastructure and trained man power to take up any curricular and research activities in this field. Anna University has established a separate Centre for Medical Electronics for this purpose in the year 1998.

In July 2006, a new course M.E. (Bio Medical Engineering) has also been started. For these PG programmes namely M.E Medical Electronics and M.E Bio Medical Engineering, courses such as Biomedical Instrumentation, Medical Imaging, Biomedical Equipment, Biosignal processing, Medical Informatics as the core papers are offered. The latest technologies have been incorporated in elective courses spread over Rehabilitation Engineering, Physiological Modeling, Hospital Equipment and Management, BioMEMS and more. These courses were offered by the people associated with Centre for Medical Electronics who are well trained in these areas of Medical Electronics.

An under graduate programme B.E. Bio Medical Engineering has been started from July 2008. Apart from this, Medical Electronics theory course were offered for B.E.(ECE) students.

A four-week training in hospital or in any Medical Electronics industry accompanied by project in R&D activities of industries are part of the curriculum for both M.E (Medical Electronics), M.E (Bio Medical Engineering) programmes and also for B.E (Bio Medical Engineering).

Post Graduate programme in self-supporting mode (Evening part time) in Medical Electronics has been started and the faculty members associated with Medical Electronics are teaching these courses. 


    ➢ To create and nurture qualified technical manpower towards academic excellence, research and development attitude and competence

    ➢ To produce enough graduates to meet the needs of academic, hospital and industrial sector in the field of Medical Electronics and Biomedical Engineering

    ➢ To provide training for personnel working in this area and to create awareness and benchmark in medical standards.

Director’s Desk


Dear Students, Faculty, Alumni and Friends,
Greetings and a very warm welcome to Centre for Medical Electronics!

Centre for Medical Electronics was established in the year 1998 in Anna University, Chennai. The Centre aims to develop affordable and cost-effective medical devices and analysis tools that enhances the healthcare in India. The main focus of this centre is Research, Development and Training. The Centre carries out multidisciplinary research in the field of health care. The core strength of the Centre are in research areas such as Cardiac Function Analysis, Development of low-cost rehabilitation aids, Fetal ECG and Uterine Contractile Analysis, Biosensors and Instrumentation, Biosignal Processing, Medical Image processing, Medical Informatics, Brain Electrical Activity Monitoring, Biomechanics, Gait Analysis, Medical Standards, Modeling and Simulation Studies in Medicine, Cognitive Neuroscience, Medical Embedded Systems, Rehabilitation Devices, and Brain Control Interface Applications. The Centre also provides avenues to researchers to pursue high level of research in the various fields of medical electronics and provide training for industry employees and health care professionals to better prepare them for this rapidly changing and growing field.